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Most of the time I am guilty of "thinking in a box", very preoccupied with finite details of everyday life. When I symbolically think of a box, it becomes a square or a geometric form. The square is a very man-made concept. Physically, the impact of the "square" in our everyday lives can not be grasped. Even the idea that we actually live in cosmetically enhanced "boxes"  is overlooked. A canvas too is defined by geometrics. The idea of abstract painting within  geometric formats fascinates me. I mean how can you put abstract into a square? Somehow it reminds me of trying to put a square peg into a round whole. It is as if I am trying to box in the infinite and create a finite through containment. For whatever its worth, I decided to do 7 paintings in oil, 6 each 36 x 36 inches and the latter 36 x 60.

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